Anglo-American Pinterest

I’ve been a big fan of Pinterest since early in it’s life and I find it an excellent resource for saving themes and ideas, up until recently you needed to have been invited to get an account but recently the Pinterest team have opened it up for all.

I know this could mean that like Facebook & Tumblr before it, Pinterest may now be open to a little abuse, but it also means anybody can sign up and see the Anglo-American pin boards here.

And whilst I am shamelessly promoting the Anglo-American’s social presence don’t forget to subscribe to the Tumblr.

Tie Obsessed

I thought that I would share a lovely store I found whilst passing through Etsy


Tie Obsessed


Sailboat Blueprint Silk Necktie

World Map Silk Tie

Don Quichotte Musical Note Silk Tie


I have to say that my Sailboat Tie arrived on Monday, and I love it, I’m sure that you will see it in future posts!


images courtesy of Tie Obsessed

RUGBY – Covent Garden

I have to say that I am quite excited about this post; Whilst in London over the weekend I visited the lovely Covent Garden as I have a few favourite spots there including Cyber Candy & a large technology store.

Well, guess what I noticed was opening next door to that large tech store?



A RUGBY Ralph Lauren is coming to the UK!!!



Ralph Lauren Rugby  Rugby


0412 aboutus 010412 aboutus 03


RUGBY have been around in the US since 2004, and I have to say they really seem to have reinvented and reignited East Coast Preppy Styling, all about varsity colours and modern styles.


I have to say that I am definitely looking forward to visit this store on launch day which is expected to be in Fall 2011.


I’ll keep you posted on this one!


Thanks to Emily at Fashion Foie Gras for the Covent Garden image (mine came out awful)

All other images courtesy of Ralph Lauren Rugby

Take 8 Ivy (Update)

The Take 8 Ivy post I did last month continues to be a very popular post, as such I though that it would be a great idea to give you guys an update on availability.


It turns out that Inventory Magazine has managed to get there hands on a few copies and are selling them for only $50 each.

Inventory Magazine


Take 8 Ivy Front


Take 8 Ivy Yale


Take 8 Ivy Harvard


Take 8 Ivy Pennsylvania


Take 8 Ivy Brown


Take 8 Ivy  Dartmouth


Take 8 Ivy Princeton


Take 8 Ivy  Rear


Images courtesy of Ivy StationAmerican Trad Club

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